Woman Work From Home Made Simple

I remember this girl Carry from high school. Wow, she was something: beautiful, intelligent, and fiercely demanding in gender equality. God, I loved that. I also am thinking about my Grandma. Id say beautiful and intelligent also, but maybe not so concerned with the respect of equality for societys women. I remember her saying that troubled individuals were the fault of their mothers nurturing inabilities. Thank the heavens that those are the learned sexist thoughts of times gone by.

In fact, nowadays weve progressed so far as to think that women can even work. Carry would be proud and content, Im sure. But something just isnt sitting quite perfectly with me. Im thinking that there might be the slight possibility that there still lingers the notion that a womans job is to ensure that delinquents arent released on the greater population. Celebrations of progress might have been slightly premature. The idea of woman work from home as in home businesses seems a mode of transportation either holding up actual equality or a regression, depending on what gains were actually made.

For sure Dr. Laura breaks out confetti and cold duck every time a woman disregards her bachelor degree, or even better yet forgoes a university from the start in order to tend to her work as a woman in the home. The problem isnt having and engaging in a home business or having it be a decidedly work from home business geared specifically for women. The problem is that sexist beliefs still deeply reside within the collective perspective of our society. These beliefs relegate the woman to a lower strata, which garners diminished respect and value; yet simultaneously taking on greater culpability for ills of home and society. A woman work from home business isnt inherently problematic, yet the foundation of beliefs from which its proponents propagate their perpetuation of inequity must be recognized and properly vanquished if we are ever to make my dear Carry happy.


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